Poems in Hebrew by Gili Haimovich
"Surprising Relief," "Opening," "Grace,"
"untitled," The High Window, 2018
(Issue on Contemporary Hebrew Poetry,
edited by Gili Haimovich)

"Always a Desert," "And it's summer again,"
Mediterranean Poetry, 2017

"Meanwhile," "Like a Rolling Stone," 
Columbia Journal, July 2017

"Go Thee," "The Female Of," 
World Literature Today, May 2017

"Dynamic Dialogue: Translating with Gili Haimovich,"
Translator's Note, World Literature Today, May 2017

"The Perfect Set," "Too Easy," Circumference, 
August 2016 

"Signing a Place," "What Lights Up the Sky,"
Blue Lyra, 2015

"World of Mirrors," "The Terminal, My Bed," 
Poetry International, 2014
"Silence," "Through Our Clenched Eyes," 
"again, summer," Ezra, 2014
"Always a Desert," Lilith, 2014
"The Terminal My Bed," "Ashen Ashes," 
"untitled," "Evolution," The Bakery, 2013
"I Couldn't See," International Poetry Review, 2013
"Tattered Girl," Women in Judaism, 2012
"Evolution," Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, 2010



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