Poetry Collections

The City I Run From: Poems of Tel Aviv
Turning Point Books, 2020

In the Absence,
Turning Point Books, 2016

Headwind Migration
Pudding House Publications, 2009


Translation Collections

Des liens invisibles, tendus
Taut, Invisible Threads
English poems with French translations
by Sabine Huynh
Jacques Flament Editions,

First published by
Recours au Poè
me Editeurs, 2014
(French/English e-book edition)


“These are the Sidewalks of Tel Aviv,”
101 Jewish Poems
for the Third Millennium
Ashland Poetry Press (forthcoming)

“The Age I Am To Myself,”
“What Spanish Moss Knows,”

Poet Lore, Fall/Winter 2016

“Imprint,” “In the Absence,”
“No Goodbye Never Said,”

YEW, 2015

The Pharos, 2015

“Prayer For Happiness Found
If You Cannot,”

Happiness: The Delight-Tree,
The United Nations SRC
Society of Writers, 2015

“At Least Forward Now,”
Ha’aretz English
Poem of the week,
November 4th, 2014

“Clean Sheets,”
Poet Lore, 2014

“Prayer I Do Not Know,”
“Mourner’s Wish,” “A Story to Tell,”
“Clear History,” “Steady,”
Recours au Poeme, 2013 

“South to Be’er Sheva,”
“Turning Thirty in Tel Aviv,”

The Bakery, 2013

“What Happens Before Anything,”
The Cortland Review,
2013 (audio)

“Walt Whitman,” “Some Deaths,”
diode, 2012

Grief’s Language,”
The Collagist, 2012

Flyway, 2012

“Practical Things,”
Poet Lore, 2012

“Early Marriage Poem,”
Salamander, 2011

“The Sound of Bullfrogs,”
Poet Lore, 2011

“The Repression of Dandelions,”
California Quarterly, 2009

“The Repression of Dandelions,”
Sierra Nevada College Review,

“The Secrets of Challah,
Ilanot Review, 2009

“The Secrets of Challah,”
13th Warrior Review, 2008

“To Speak in Glances, ”
Aries, 2008

“Growing Vegetables,”
Ibbetson Street Press,

Plainsongs, 2008

“Names of Birds,”
Crab Orchard Review,

“Impressions of South Africa,”
California Quarterly, 2007

“A Brilliant Fish,” Poetalk, 2007

Green Hills Literary Lantern, 2007

“We Have Come a Darling Distance,”
arc-18, 2006

Poems in Translation 

Sabine Huynh, into French

“The Best Piece of Blue Sky,”
“What Happens Before Anything,”

“What Holds,” “Grief’s Language,”
“No Goodbye Never Said,”

Terre à ciel, 2017

“Prayer I Do Not Know,”
“Mourner’s Wish,”  “A Story to Tell,”
“Clear History,” “Steady,”
Recours au Poeme, 2013

Gili Haimovich, into Hebrew

“Steady,” “Light” ”
Practical Things,”
“In the Absence,”
Hamosach, 2019 

“Turning Thirty in Tel Aviv,
“What Happens Before Anything,”
Kefel, 2018

“Ghosts,” Helicon

“Early Marriage,” “Imprint,”
Iton 77, 2016

“Early Marriage,”
Makaf, 2015

“In the Absence,” “Clean Sheets,”
“South to Beer-Sheva,”
“At Least Forward Now,”
Shvo, 2013-14

“A Brilliant Fish,” “Naming the Thing,”
YNET, 2010 

“Ghosts,” “Growing Vegetables,”
“The Secrets of Challah,”
Shvo, 2009






2 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Hi Dara,
    Just checking in again. We’re doing a revision of our Literature book (into which you didn’t make it for the first edition, alas) and I’d like to see some of your poetry. Please let me know how I can get copies. I hope all’s splendid with you.
    Your old teacher,


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