Tel Aviv Poet to Reveal
‘darkness of grief’ in Oakland,
with Hanna Rubin,
J. Weekly, February 2017

Uncovering Whitman With Dara Barnat.
First Person Plural,
Poet LoreJuly 2016

Oh, captain, our captain:
Walt Whitman’s Influence
on Jewish-American Poetry
Podcast with Gilad Halpern,
The Tel Aviv Review,
TLV1 Radio, 2015

“Transcending Boundaries:
A Conversation on Contemporary Israeli Poetry,”
edited by Sarah Wetzel,
The Bakery, 2013

Many kinds of deterioration,
an interview with Dara Barnat,”
The Collagist, 2012

Translations Tel Aviv to Toronto,”
Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, 2011




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