Reading with Karen Alkalay-Gut,
Sabine Huynh, and Amy Hollowell,
September 2020
Spring Reading in Honor of Caesura II,
Dept. of English and American Studies,
Tel Aviv University
June 2019

"Diverse Voices Reading," 
with Vanessa Hua, R.O. Kwon, 
and Ashley M. Jones, 
Laurel Book Store, 
Oakland, CA, February 2017
1000 Thousand Poets for Change, 
Tel Aviv, September 2016

Stanza, Tolaat Sfarim, 
Tel Aviv, March 2012
"Coordinates,""In Life," 
"Grief's Language" 
Book Launch for In the Absence, 
Tel Aviv University, 
January 2017 
Brooklyn Book Festival 
in honor of the International Day of Peace,
St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church,
Brooklyn, New York, 
September 2015

Reading in honor 
of Happiness: The Delight-Tree, 
The United Nations, 
New York, March 2015 
"Transcendence" Reading
Department of English and American Studies,
Tel Aviv University, 2013
Reading with 2009 Bread Loaf Waiters,
Afterwords Bookstore, 
AWP Chicago, 2012
Reading for Headwind Migration,
with poets Karen Alkalay-Gut 
and Rivka Rass, 
Tzomet Sfarim Bookstore, 
May 25, 2009
Spring Festival Reading,
Department of English and American Studies, 
Tel Aviv University, 
April 1, 2009

Multilingual Poetry Reading
with Robert Hass, 
Tel Aviv University,           
January 10, 2008

Conference on American Aliyah 
in Literature and Research,
Tel Aviv University, 2006





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