Poems in Hebrew by Gili Haimovich
"Rolling Through Givatayim," 
Washington Square Review, 2019
"Surprising Relief," "Opening," "Grace,"
"untitled," The High Window, 2018
(Issue on Contemporary Hebrew Poetry,
edited by Gili Haimovich)

"Always a Desert," "And it's summer again,"
Mediterranean Poetry, 2017

"Meanwhile," "Like a Rolling Stone," 
Columbia Journal, July 2017

"Go Thee," "The Female Of," 
World Literature Today, May 2017

"Dynamic Dialogue: Translating with Gili Haimovich,"
Translator's Note, World Literature Today, May 2017

"The Perfect Set," "Too Easy," Circumference, 
August 2016 

"Signing a Place," "What Lights Up the Sky,"
Blue Lyra, 2015

"World of Mirrors," "The Terminal, My Bed," 
Poetry International, 2014
"Silence," "Through Our Clenched Eyes," 
"again, summer," Ezra, 2014
"Always a Desert," Lilith, 2014
"The Terminal My Bed," "Ashen Ashes," 
"untitled," "Evolution," The Bakery, 2013
"I Couldn't See," International Poetry Review, 2013
"Tattered Girl," Women in Judaism, 2012
"Evolution," Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, 2010



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